NewSourcing was a pioneer in Portugal in Providing Outsourcing Services to Small and Medium Enterprises.

The services we provide practically all Back-Office tasks to firms, from Outsourcing in Accounting and Taxes, and Administrative Management of Human Resources to providing more innovating outsourcing services, such as Management Control and Reporting, Treasury Management and Client Management. More recently, we offer Digital Marketing services through an associate firm, VAN.

The services we provide will allow your firm to grow with greater flexibility and quality, with less risks and operating costs, by rationalising, innovating and improving information and management processes.

Today we are a leading firm in our sector, with 20-year experience and counting with clients operating in different activity sectors. In services we have a vast experience in the fields of Catering, Golf, Retail or Wholesale Trade, Finance, namely Investment Funds, Real Estate, Concessions. In agriculture we have a vast experience in the Wine, Logging and Forestry. In industry we have experience in the Agro-food sector. We count more than 90 clients, some of them very small sized, others of a significant dimension, representing an annual business volume of around 70 million euro and employ approximately 800 workers.

We want to be a real business partner, whether one click away or in a desk at your side, because only your success is our success.


“...Outsourcing by your desk...” This is the philosophy of NewSourcing, and what differentiates us. We want to free you from bureaucracy and worries with all the back-office work. We want you to focus on the success of your firm, doing what you do best: your business. But we want to do it always remaining at your side, as if we were permanently at a desk close to you.

That is why, working in your premises, with you, or in our office, with you at our side or on the other side of the world, thousands of km away, we will promote a close and easy dialogue, always being available for any question or explanation, and guaranteeing safety, quality and speediness of your information. As if you never left your desk, with all the necessary information for your decision-making, always within your reach.

Our Mission is to make available all information allowing you to optimise your time and make the best decisions for your business, wherever you are in the world, guaranteeing your quality, safety, timeliness and our full availability at a truly reduced cost.